A deep talk with a Scrum trainer regarding self-growth

Tinder in Mind

Ideally, this weekend I am going to attend a PSM-II virtual session, training with people across the other areas. However, it is canceled due to insufficient people. It is still very lucky to take a short time having an 1–1 talk with the PSM trainer, Tony, discussing not only the Scrum itself but also the self-position in my life and career experience.

Honestly speaking, as I had started my journey on agile development, I had known this would be an endless road since there are always many obstacles in my way seeking for the pure essence of agility. There are some points I think should be recorded in the post.

Tinder never burns out in my mind.

Questions behind Questions

During the meeting, there were several stop moments that assist me dig deeper with myself; re-think what exactly I am looking for along the journey. As I began advocating Scrum at the early stage on my own before attending any PSM-I courses, I felt it seemed that I could do something different rather than just followed the existing framework or the culture in a company to help a team grow. A software engineer should not be just a software engineer.

What do you pursue along the way .. if we don’t take agility into account? What do you think how others should talk about you maybe in 5 or 10 years?

Tony asked.

Well, this was the first time being asked about the question, so I stopped for seconds, listening the voice popped up from my heart.

I expect those who had cooperated with me, no matter now or past, could feel that I did help them grow when we were working together.

I replied slowly, just following the sound of my mind. I thought it is my self-position in my life, which focuses on the relation with people. But I did not mention what I would like to deliver with the team I work with.

Magically, when I looked back on my private social media, same thing happened on the post I wrote about my life subject. It matters because that would push me to re-think how to re-draw the roadmap of my mind and would clarify what I really concentrate on as well as where I should forward.

Well, is the above dialog associative with the part of coaching? I think it is. In fact, it is the same thing I usually do with team members by asking various questions to reflect what exactly their opinions are, solicit feedbacks and put them into practice.

Coach’s Murmur

As a Scrum lover, it is a pity not having a chance to participate in PSM-II training this time. But that does not stop me from seeking various skills/methodologies to lead people forward the spirit of agility.

By the way, there is an open PSM-I course on October held by Lorenz, Adrian and Tony. I strongly recommend those who would like to step into the world of Scrum to attend the course, because Scrum is an empirical practice and is difficult to experience if you only read the online guide.



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